Boneset (Eupatorium Perfoliatum) – Tea Used For Flus, Colds and More

Sri Lanka is a natural naval link between west Asia and south East Asia. This small island country is famous for the production and export of tea, coffee, coconuts and rubber. Natural beauty of the country lies in its tropical forest, beaches and landscape as well as its rich cultural heritage. It was also remained colonized by Portugal, Netherlands and British Empire consequently. During Second World War, it was the base for allied forces. A nationalist political movement began here in early 20th century and eventually obtained freedom from the British after peaceful negotiations in 1948.

Sunny clean beaches, ancient cities, warm friendly blooming flower tea people and beautiful landscapes and wonderful hotels Srilanka all together make it a beautiful global tourism hub. Stunning mountain scenery, tropical rainforest and amazing water falls have capability to instill ecstasy in the heart of all the visitors whether they are first timer or frequent visitors. A spiritual person can never miss the opportunity to spend time in Adam’s peak. It is noted as the home of butterfly and hence also referred as Butterfly Mountain. Temple of the Tooth is another major spiritual destination. It is in Kandy city and people believe that the Lord Buddha’s tooth is enshrined in this temple. Hotels in Sri Lanka are perfectly aware with the significance of this temple for ardent Buddhism followers. Hence, they are located in the near by area of the temple with the best facilities on economy rate. Now, it has been listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

Visitors can explore numerous archaeological witnesses while the visit of Galle National Museum which explore the mystery of Sri Lankan history. This museum is the home of native arts and crafts. This museum exhibits various sorts of turtle shell wares like jewelery boxes, spectacle frames, combs and bangles. Usually tourists come into the island to see Buddhist monasteries, temples and stunning marine sanctuaries. Thus, museums like Galle offer a new flavor like delicious spice which makes the trip memorable and wonderful for everyone. Sri Lanka hotels is also a leading stuff in the blooming wing of Sri Lankan tourism on the global horizon.

Nowadays, almost all sorts of Sri Lankan hotels are online available. One can easily book the accommodation through any of the foremost online hotel booking websites. Some of the websites may offer you few prominent facilities like airport transfer and tickets for various events and shows whichever would be held at the concerning destination.


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